Freewheel will be CLOSED Sunday, Dec 4, 2016

Bike Right specializes in the sale of used, professionally refurbished bicycles, with a focus on touring, commuting, and collectable products. We try to match all our customers with a bike that suits their specific needs and that will be reliable for years to come. Bike Right takes community outreach and education seriously, fully funding Freewheel Collective, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit bicycle collective.


As of September 1st, Bike Right’s service prices are increasing slightly. Much consideration has been taken to ensure that we continue to have the most affordable prices in town. Here are a few things we’d like you to know about this price adjustment.


  1. We have done research regarding average hourly pay for bicycle mechanics and living wage for Dane County, $10.97 per hour.

  2. All employees will be paid more than the living wage for Dane County.

  3. The hourly pay for bicycle mechanics, on average throughout the US, is sub-par.

  4. We believe that our employees deserve to be paid a decent living wage, as they are dedicated to their craft, and like any other skilled labor, should be compensated appropriately.

  5. Over the next few years, we intend to increase our hourly pay to the living wage for the city of Madison, $12.83.


Bicycle mechanics are a skilled tribe of workers. Much like the auto mechanic, there are many nuances of the trade that one cannot learn by simply reading a book, or just spending time with one type of bicycle. Bike Right works with all types of bikes manufactured in the last 80 years. Additionally, the cost of bicycles have gone up as bicycle technology has been refined. Some important stats to consider: The annual salary of a high school dropout in 2003 was $23,013. The average salary for a bicycle mechanic in 2013 was $22,337. That’s a 10 year difference. Think about inflation, people.


Wisconsin is #40 on the list of bicycle mechanic salaries with an average salary of just $20,550. Most of the bicycle mechanics we know do it because it is their passion. Why should this profession be paid so much less than other professions?! The average salary in the US is $40,584, nearly double what the average bicycle mechanic makes in Wisconsin.


We hope that you understand the struggle of bicycle mechanics, and that you are encouraged to support our efforts to ensure that all bicycle mechanics are paid a reasonable living wage. Again, our service prices are going to be increased slightly to accommodate this wage increase. Service price increases will go into effect September 1st. All bikes brought in for service before this date will be charged at the old service rates. We reaffirm our commitment to transportation justice, living wage, and the lowest hourly service rates in town.


We challenge other bike shops to increase their bicycle mechanic’s minimum hourly pay to the living wage for the city or county that they are located within.

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