BikeRight Motorbike Anti-Fling Chain Lube

A colourless fully synthetic lubricant with strong adhesive properties designed for high speed, high stress applications such as motorbike chains. Initial low viscosity allows for penetration into links before the product rapidly thickens to help prevent ‘fling-off’.

Where to use

Primarily designed for use on high speed motorbike chains but can be used on all moving metal parts, to improve lubrication and help prevent malfunction and seizure.

Where not to use

Brake components
Any parts or surface where a low friction surface is not desired.


 Long lasting lubrication
Fully synthetic
Contains Extreme Pressure and Anti Wear additives for improved load resistance
Penetrates and thickens
Anti-fling formula
Precision spray application minimises wastage
Prevents ingress of water
Compatible with O, X and Z ring chains