BikeRight Rapid Bike Wash

A highly effective solvent free blend of detergents and sequestrants for the removal of traffic film, road dirt and grime from bikes and motorbikes.

Where to use

On most metallic, painted and plastic surfaces.

Where not to use

On any surface particularly sensitive to alkali’s without testing on a small area first.
On hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.


Rapidly cuts through dirt and grime
Fully biodegradable
Water-based and solvent free
Low odour
Contains no harmful acids
Safe on most materials including paintwork, steel, aluminium, carbon fibre, plastic and rubber

Application Details

Store container upright. Pre-wet cycle with water. Apply product liberally to all contaminated parts. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes to work before rinsing thoroughly with a copious quantity of clean water. Never allow this product to dry out on the surface or staining may result.